Innovative administrative solutions for business organizations
Who We Are

Founded in 2013 BENEFIC is a full service administrative
solutions company providing support to trade associations,
businesses, and chambers of commerce involved in
providing insurance services and insurance programs for
their members and employees.  

BENEFIC has expertise in creating and administering trade
association sponsored employee wellness plans that help
those sponsoring organizations drive membership, support
retention, and help set those organizations apart from
competitors. We do this by allowing our partner
organizations to provide an extremely unique and invaluable
service to their members that puts real money into their
pockets everyday.  We have a very strong track record in
helping our participants control their health insurance costs
and we can replicate our programs with any organization
that is interested in growing and maintaining strong
membership for their organization.,

In addition to setting up trade association insurance plans,
we offer a wide variety of administrative services, including
COBRA administration, section 125 cafeteria plan set up,
third-party administrative services, federal and state
compliance assistance, and consulting services among

We would love the opportunity to discuss our innovative
solutions with your organization; if you have a problem, we
can solve it.  Whether you are a trade association, chamber
of commerce, or business owner involved in providing
insurance solutions to your members or employees, we are
here to help.  Over the years we have developed unique
platforms  that have allowed our clients to provide a wide
variety of health benefit packages including health
insurance, dental & vision benefits, along with life
insurance policies
What We Do For You

  • We lend our expertise and innovative platforms to
    organizations within the United States that support employer
    provided health benefit plans, union sponsored benefit
    programs, and non-profit sponsored health benefit programs.  

  • We set up your entire program platform at minimal cost or
    inconvenience to your organization.  

  • We take care of all of your program's administrative
    challenges and compliance issues so you can get on with the
    business of growing your organization.

How Do We Get Started?

  • Contact us to arrange for us to meet with you so that we can
    discuss what program is right for your organization.

  • We rely on our extensive experience and expertise to help
    you figure out the best way to reach your membership
    service goals.

  • We set up the platform that suits your needs, and work with
    a insurance provider or other benefit program partner to set
    up the exact program that fits your organizational goals.

  • We put in place all of the administrative and legal
    requirements to make your program operate smoothly,
    legally, and with no inconvenience to your or your
    organization's members.

  • We work with our affiliate partners to market and grow your
    program and drive membership, retention, and employee

  • The only risk that you face is the potential for unprecedented
    membership growth and satisfaction.  Give us a call today
    and beat your competitors to the punch.  We would love to
    show you how we can make your job easier.
222 East Witherspoon Street * Suite 105B * Louisville * Kentucky * 40202
Phone: 502-468-1694 * Fax: 502-561-3444 * Email: contact@beneficusa.com